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"I will never, ever become one of them!" . . . Sister Janet Mikol

"I will never, EVER, become one of them!" As the saying goes "never say never". When I attended St. Mary's High in Kitchener, I was taught by the School Sisters of Notre Dame, as I had been in grade school. Some I liked; some I liked less, but joining them in community was a far cry from my teenage life of partying, dating, dancing, sports and girls' pajama parties.

Yet I always had a gnawing inside, like a chronic stomach disorder. By grade 12 I knew I had to at least "try it out" or I'd never experience real peace. Four of us from my graduation class entered the convent that year - I was voted the least likely to stay.

In God's usual way of turning lives upside down, I was the only one who DID stay. I firmly believe that if God calls us to do or to be something, God also gives us the needed grace and power. Why I stayed and "nicer" women left is beyond my comprehension. This year I celebrate 40 years as a vowed member of the School Sisters of Notre Dame and I have never regretted coming to "try it out". When I entered, my father told me that he had prayed every night since I was born that I would do whatever God wanted with my life. I am convinced that my father's prayer was answered - the deep peace I have at my soul's core is proof enough for me.

Sister Janet Mikol is the Canadian Province Treasurer and works in Waterdown Ontario. If you would like to ask Janet any questions or comment to her you can email her at:

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