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Maureen McGoey "What do you mean you can't keep your salary?". . . Sister Maureen McGoey

Probably the most frequently asked question when I was teaching secondary school was "Why did you become a Sister?" That would be followed with several other "specific" queries about what Sisters were and were NOT allowed to do! It seemed fairly challenging to explain to young women who were longing for freedom that my life was really filled with that very quality even though I have chosen to "give up" pleasures and opportunities for which many longed. "What do you mean you can't keep your salary, and you put it all in common?" "How come you can't get married?"

My decision to enter the School Sisters of Notre Dame was undoubtedly influenced by women (SSND's) who inspired me with their way of life. I recall when I was in Grade 9 that a close friend (in Grade 12) made the decision to enter the School Sisters. I was shocked! Why would she do that when she had everything going for her - popularity, boyfriends, wealth, success, etc. That really made me stop and think - what is wrong with this picture? I knew that I wanted to do something worthwhile with my life, and make a difference in the lives of people, though I wasn't sure how. I felt generous and willing to take a risk, and join this group of dedicated women who were willing and eager to put others before themselves. How did God "call" me? I am convinced that God used other people - this friend, and one of the teachers I had who both seemed so happy and at peace in their responding to the call to serve. The inspiration and challenge they offered me was all I needed. "Here I am God - do you want me too?" And indeed God did.

Today I look back in great gratitude as I continue to discover the fight of my call, and the mysterious ways God works. Listen attentively! You just never know when YOU may be getting a call from God!

Sister Maureen McGoey is one of our sisters working in Chicago, as the Director of the North American Coordinating Centre. If you would like to contact her directly and ask questions or respond you can reach her at:

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